Friday, February 10, 2012

Andy Leelu In Nagpur

Leelu was a bad boy — Andy Leelu is the latest novel by P.L Gautam.. irredeemably bad. He was possessively against the book and disobedient to the core. Death was prowling to hunt him down, it seemed. The ominous feeling bothered everyone who cared a bit about him. Let be, he was always on a trip. If cornered, we would resort to his favourite ruse— run away from home. The world was his hideout. That was Leelu.There’s more to his story.

Like it always is, for the men and women of clear conscience to live and propagate, penury was the only habitable zone. A half-slept village was struggling to sift out its attendant realities from the dreams of the bygone. Cholera and famine visited in turns. A nation was basking in an imaginary glory that, believably, came as a dividend of freedom she won. That was the India of sixties. Her story here reveals what her history walls.

Date : 11th February 2012
Time : 11 AM – 6 PM
Venue : Nagpur

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