Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Help your car beat the Nagpur Summer Heat

Park in a shade: Whenever possible, make sure your car is parked in a shade because the sun, besides heating up the car on the exterior, also ends up heating up your engine. Also, extreme heat can cause the windshield and the windows of the car to weaken or crack even.

Wash the car: You would be surprised to know how simply
washing your car regularly can tackle problems caused by the rising mercury levels. The scorching heat can turn your bonnet into a hot iron plate, also affecting the engine inside it. Cooling it down by washing your car under the shade or a dry place should be priority number one. Especially for people who drive to work, this practice would ensure a pleasant morning.

Check the air-conditioner: Travelling without air-conditioning could perhaps top the worst-day-ever list for you this summer. The vents of the air-conditioner collect dust and need periodical cleaning. Also, the cooling gas needs to be checked and kept at the optimum level. If you're having problems with your air-conditioning, get them fixed before the heat breaks it down further.

Ensure battery functioning: Ever though the sun would be sucking all the energy out of your car battery just like it does with your body? Giddy up people, it's true! The more your car is
exposed to excessive heat — especially if parked under direct sunlight - the more your car-battery loses power and eventually runs out. This also affects the life of the battery, and it would mean
replacing it sooner. Make sure you clothe your car before your
important meeting! Why take any chances?

Take care of your tyres: Sometimes, the roads become unkind. However sturdy your car tyres are, the hot roads cause wear and tear. Check for any bulges or tears in the tyres and always keep a replacement handy! Make sure you refrain from straining the tyres while parking or applying the brakes as that would only cause added unnecessary damage.

Maintenance: Giving your car some R&R isn't just a seasonal exercise. It is the key to ensuring your car runs efficiently. Waxing and polishing it is one of the most essential protection techniques. Not only would your car look dashingly new, it would also help it run smoothly for the coming monsoons!

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