Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Students who appeared IIT-JEE in 2012 answer sheets now available online till May 10

NAGPUR: Students who appeared for the prestigious IIT-JEE in 2012 can now see their answer sheets online till May 10. The evaluated optical response sheet for every candidate was posted online on Saturday afternoon giving them a glimpse of their scores even before the official results are out.

The IIT-JEE results will be declared on May 18, along with the all-important cut-off marks. With students being able to view their own evaluated answer sheets it also gives them an opportunity to detect discrepancies, if any.

Candidates can file a complaint online and if found genuine, necessary corrections will be made. It is important to note that this window of opportunity for all candidates will close on May 10, so as to give ample time to the authorities to prepare for the result declaration.

Rajat Thakral, an IIT-JEE candidate, said, "This is a good practice followed by the IIT-JEE board as it helps us get our papers re-evaluated if there is a problem. Though the answer keys were released on Thursday, it cannot compare to seeing your own answer sheet online."

Nisha Kothari, who owns a well-known IIT coaching centre in the city, feels letting students know their scores beforehand is an excellent idea. "Too much of anxiety and waiting for results can lead to increase in mental pressure in students. From this year the IITs also introduced a carbon copy system during the exams wherein the students got to take home a copy of their answer sheets along with the question paper," said Kothari.

The uploading of optical answer sheets of all candidates will help in detecting machine evaluation errors. Usually such errors are almost unheard of, but the IIT-JEE board wants to make sure that the scores are evaluated without any discrepancies.

News taken from TOI

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